Video Installation
10 mi loop

The video Turbulence is a work that describe an experience of nature, excluding the human wish to dominate it. It perceive something hidden in the "more" of nature, beyond what we can see with bare eye. The video become a sort of an embodiment of beauty and intensity that is enigmatic, on the edge between reality and fiction.


  • Bo Borg Tiden och landskapet Omkonst [15.01.2014]
  • Bo Borg Manipulerade landskap ruvar på en hemlighet Göteborgs-Posten [17.01.2014]


  • Lidköpings Konsthall Ecolonia – Findings, Sweden [2014]
  • LEVART Any Where out of the World, part II, [2012]
  • KC-Väst Welcome to Ecolonia [2012]

Holograms of Ecolonia

"When confronting the latest work of Carolina Jonsson, Holograms of Ecolonia, I experience streams of variating grades of intensity. The artist describes herself her installations appropriately as an expansion of painting. The manipulated and amalgamated layers of images, that varies over time, expresses just as expanded paintings. In the ten minutes long video, Turbulens, I find myself located in different, timely and audio-visually manipulated, landscapes. All of them are dominated by the presence of nature. Nevertheless they are not images of nature, rather the work let different degrees of forces be presented before me as an observer." [Excerpt from Catalogue text]

Johanna Willenfelt

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