Into the Roots

45 min dance performance and video installation
Collaboration between Fanny Kivimäki and Carolina Jonsson

An artwork for us who once have left home to live elsewhere or us who have been forced to flee. With presence and painful homesickness Fanny Kivimäki gives a performance on life, dreams and remorse.

Idé, dance and choreography: Fanny Kivimäki
Video art: Carolina Jonsson
Music composing: Sebastian Ring
Light, production & creative assistance: Lovisa Ivenholt Bergqvist
Producer: Sara Törn, Vara Concert Hall


  • VARA CONCERT HALL [Sweden] 2018




  • VARA CONCERT HALL [Sweden] 2018
  • SKÖVDE ART MUSEUM [Sweden] 2018
  • ATALANTE [Sweden] 2018
  • Borås Community Theatre [Sweden] 2018
  • Vänersborg Theatre [Sweden] 2018
  • Götene Art Gallery [Sweden] 2018

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