Video Installation
10 min loop

The video corresponds to our inner world of dreams and remembered images that constantly is in motion and is changing. What is true and what is not true of all that we register and experience?




  • Tommy Olsson, All tomorrow´s Masters Billedkunst 
    [no.4 26.06.2008]
  • Solveig Lønmo, Sterke kanditater, Adressavisen [10.05.2008]


  • TRONDHEIM ART MUSEUM [Norway] 2008
  • 0047 [Norway] 2008
  • KUNSTNERERNES HUS [Norway] 2008
  • VAD International Video and Digital Art Festival [Spain] 2008
  • SKÖVE ART MUSEUM [Sweden] 2008
  • Meeting Place Rom for Kunst, Oslo S [Norway] [2008]
  • Gävle konstvideofestival [Sweden] 2009
  • Super Market Art Fair [Sweden] 2009

And THAT had to happen in Trondheim, right? Where else does time leap in different paces next to another time and projected on the same video screen? And where else could someone manage to do this in such an attractive way?...
— Tommy Olsson, Billedkunst, no4, [2008]
Tiny hints about deception grows to become more intelligible deviations from laws of nature, and gradually reveal that the artist has put her technical finger into it. The video is poetic, shrewd and striking in its aesthetics…
— Solveig Lønmo, Adresseavisen, [2008]