The work of Carolina Jonsson often refers to painting and at first glance a video can be perceived as an ever so slightly moving painting. Architect of the Ecolonia archive; which garner materialities, perceptions, and sensations found in everyday life and encountered in nature. 


Carolina Jonsson is a video artist, born in 1975. She has a MFA degree from the Art Academy in Trondheim (Norway) and lives and works in the Swedish landscape.
              “In my practice, I explore what might be perceived as beautiful, I do however not seek to romanticize or glorify my environments. I want to bring the work past our preconceived notions about what we expect to be confronted with in a certain encounter. The image archive Ecolonia, is my language, my way of describing a reality we co-create with our surroundings. I’m interested in conveying the hidden, that something ‘more’ which resides in nature and goes beyond what meets the eye. Within this system, the everyday is revalued.”
              The videos by Carolina Jonsson has been shown at Impakt Festival in Holland, Kunstnerernes Hus in Norway, Speechless Film Festival i Minnesota and Queensland Center for Photography in Australia among others. 

Carolina Jonsson Studio

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Photo by Elliott Almén

Photo by Elliott Almén

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